Clash Royale Review

There is a lot of controversy concerning “Clash of Clans” game series. A lot of reviewers disliked it, naming it as the face of strategy gaming that nobody wants. Others are more than delighted to have it on their mobile devices. Clash Royale, a new “freemium” game from “SuperCell” is a “Clash of Clans” spin-off. But, should you be disgusted or run for it?

First of all, the key difference between “Clash Royale” and “Clash of Clans” is that although as a player you go into battle against another, base building and wait timers are gone. It is all multiplayer action on single screen maps.

In essence, the game follows both MOBA and CCG rules that, so if you are with those, you are quite ready to go. You join a clan, and you either defend or attack a tower. Sounds simple. But then, some have called Chess a simple game, and anybody familiar with Chess can tell you how many strategies and variations you have to develop to be successful. Clash Royale hack may not be Chess, but you still have to develop a working strategy and be good at it to win.

clash royale review

Gaining Ground

Clash Royale is gaining ground fast in the gaming world and one of the reasons for that is that it represents a skillful combination of familiar elements picked up from other games, at the same time giving it a new touch. Another reason for its success is the fast pace of the play which lasts only three to four minutes. Than you start over. Such fast pace is something that is tailor made for a portable device. What is also important is the fact that as a novice player and as a member of a team you can catch on rather quickly and in no time you can become a pro at Clash Royale.

In brief, the game play is as follows: In your preparation for the battle you have to build a deck of eight cards. Once you play a certain card, you draw another one to replace it. Then comes the strategy part, you need to know what you want to achieve in your following moves and what you need for that to happen. But to make a good choice you will cost you mana, and that depends on the strength of the card. To make a good choice you have to be aware not only of your troops predispositions, but also those of your opponent. The key to a win is making the right balance between offense and defense. Once you activate your troops, you have no more control over them. You have to overtake two crown towers and a lord’s crown tower, and if the tally of destroyed towers between opponents is even, “sudden death” comes into play: the first player to flatten a tower wins.

So what can be the final overview and verdict on Clash Royale? As a multiplayer game experience on a mobile device, you can hardly go wrong with this game and “Clash Royale” is a great addition for your mobile device. What are you waiting for and in which world are you? revolutionize in the world of gaming with “Clash Royale”!